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(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)
  • Pet urine

    We received an enquiry from a customer in Farborough ” what’s the best way to remove cat urine from carpet ?”

    When a pet urinates on a carpet, you would usually only know it happened if you witnessed the event or if you could smell it.

    In most cases the liquid will travel straight through the carpet, into the underlay and then onto the sub floor.

    The first step in removing urine from a carpet is to detect it.

    We use a powerful ultra violet light making detection easy and straightforward.

    Needs to be removed within hours

    Urine is acidic when it exits the body, however it turns alkaline over time and will cause bleaching especially with wool carpet.

    So it is very important to get the spillage dealt with very quickly to avoid permanent damage to the carpet.


    Bodily fluids such as urine need to be completely flushed from the carpet, underlay and sub flooring.

    Whatever is visible on the surface will be much great in size under the carpet due to the spread of the liquid.

    Therefore the carpet may have to be lifted to allow the flushing of bodily fluids, in some cases the underlay is replaced.

    We use a professional treatment product that naturalises the urine, this will also remove the odour.

    Powerful extraction equipment is then used to flush out the contamination, the area is then allowed to dry.

  • Cat urine on a carpet

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