Professional carpet cleaning in Farnham – fresh, clean carpets!

We offer professional carpet cleaning in Farnham, achieving impressive results combined with rapid drying times.

With over 20 years experience, we are proud of our fantastic reputation for providing amazing results and even better customer service. Our service is great for any home or business.

  • Deep Down Clean – the most thorough clean possible
  • Pet & Child Safe – to protect you & your family
  • Affordable – don’t pay more than you need to for professional results

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Carpet Cleaning Farnham

Trusted & Experienced

We have over 20 years experience delivering amazing results for our customers.

Eco Safe Cleaning

We use only the latest equipment and unique eco-safe cleaning products that are pet & child friendly.

Affordable Cleaning

Offering great value for money with no VAT, hidden extras, misleading price offers or gimmicks!

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Customer Reviews

We have many happy customers from across Farnham and the local area. Read some of our recent reviews.

  • Would highly recommend ProSteamUK. Great customer service from Russ. The moment we contacted him, he was very responsive, helpful and was able to book us in quickly. Arrived on time, made no mess and he did a great job at removing the coffee … More staine from our carpet. We are chuffed with the result, and would be happy to use his service again. He also gave us good advice for the future!
    Avatar ★★★★★ 5 months ago pere thakanjorn
  • A brilliant job done by Russ removing my spilt bright pink nail varnish from my pale grey carpet. I am so grateful, Russ managed to fit me in the day after I contacted him and arrived punctually. Highly recommended.
    Avatar ★★★★★ 8 months ago Jenny Hodgkins
  • Excellent cleaning job on beige carpet and cream suite, cleaned far better than I expected.
    Russ was very pleasant and efficient, would definitely recommend this company and would use them again, thank you Russ.
    Avatar ★★★★★ a year ago Kate Phillis
  • Reception rooms, stairs, hall and landing carpets
    Super job! Two dogs - and the COVID pandemic - had led to heavy soiling. A thorough job was done including spot treatments downstairs and the carpets look and feel like new.
    Avatar ★★★★★ a year ago Deb Heighes
  • Russ was quick to respond to my enquiry. Having used his services for carpets and a three piece suite previously, he's now cleaned our hall and stair carpets today and done an exceptional job of it, as always. No fuss, no drama, … More on time, exceptionally helpful and polite and I've recommended his services to friends who have also been delighted. A name to keep in your contacts list for sure.
    Avatar ★★★★★ a year ago Lorna Dane
  • Excellent quality of service from Russ, who was efficient, professional and courteous. He cleaned our carpets thoroughly, with fantastic results. The main thoroughfare through hall, stairs and landing came up beautifully. Recommended. … More
    Avatar ★★★★★ a year ago Coney

Watch Our Carpet Cleaners in Action

Take a look at our carpet cleaning videos below to see our expert team and professional equipment in action.

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Take a look at the amazing results our team can achieve in our carpet cleaning gallery.

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Customer Case Studies

Take a look at some of the job we have recently completed for customers in Farnham.

Hard floor cleaning

Hard floor cleaning Finding the right hard floor cleaning professional in your area can be difficult especially with the massive amount of online choice. Therefore we have some information to demonstrate the results we can achieve, compared  to other cleaners. The first stage is to establish exactly what type of floor we are dealing with,…

Commercial vinyl floor cleaning

Commercial vinyl floor cleaning Finding the right commercial vinyl floor cleaning professional in your area can be difficult especially with the massive amount of online choice. Therefore we have some information to demonstrate the results we can achieve, compared  to other cleaners. The first stage is to remove all the surface debris, a powerful vacuum…

Paint spillage removal

Paint spillage removal from a 2020 Audi Disaster on the way to the local tip!! A car paint spillage, leaked out on the carpet of this 2020 Audi Lid came off the tin! Customer was delivering old pots of paint to his local tip when the lid came loose. Most of the paint spilt over…

Call our friendly Farnham carpet cleaning team today on 01252 319391

Not your average service!

ProSteamUK are a carpet cleaning company that works across Farnham and the surrounding areas. There are many different reasons for getting your carpets cleaned, from removing an accidental spillage to a general uplift to give a room a fresh new look. ProSteamUK offer a wide range of solutions that match every individual situation, taking into account factors like the usage, material, colour and age of the carpet so that we can achieve the best results.


Why use ProSteamUK ?

One of the key reasons people choose ProSteamUK for their carpet cleaning in Farnham is because we deliver top class results. What also sets us apart from other local companies is our eco-safe carpet cleaning. You can have your carpets cleaned and looking like brand new, knowing that your family and pets will come to no harm. Other companies often use detergents, soaps and perfumes that can be harmful, so choosing ProSteamUK will put your mind at rest.

Need your carpet cleaned in a hurry?

Another great benefit of using ProSteamUK is that we offer rapid drying times of around 1 hour. So if you are in panic trying to get your carpet cleaned before an event, or you only have a short window of time to get it cleaned before people use the carpet again, you don’t need to worry with rapid drying. For carpets that are in constant use, we are able to use the dry cleaning method so there are no residues and no disruption.


Solutions to suit you

ProSteamUK provides different types of carpet cleaning services to suit specific requirements. So whilst an office will usually require low moisture carpet cleaning, a plush carpet in your living room needs to be treated very differently. We ensure that the most effective carpet cleaning method is used both in terms of immediate results and long-lasting results.

The eco-safe cleaning agent used by ProSteamUK keeps carpets cleaner for longer, meaning that you will not require your carpets to be cleaned as regularly, saving you money in the long run.

Get a quote for your carpet cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Wool carpets typically take 2 hours to dry and synthetic fibres around 1 hour. Drying times are dependant on how dirty carpets are and if a lot of flushing is required.

I have used local carpet cleaners I found on Facebook and my carpets were dirty again within weeks, will the same thing happen if we book you?

This is called rapid re-soiling caused by detergent residues not being flushed from the carpet. We use a detergent-free cleaning product and hot, fresh water to flush out the dirt, much like rinsing shampoo from your hair. As a result your carpets will look and stay cleaner for longer!

Is it safe for my kids to play on the carpet after you have cleaned them?

Our eco-safe carpet and upholstery cleaning agent will not harm people or pets making the carpets perfectly safe once cleaned.

We need our flat cleaned as we are at the end of our tenancy, just looking for the cheapest price possible?

We are a specialist cleaning service and, unfortunately, unable to provide a budget service for End of Tenancy cleaning.


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