Specialist Car Interior Cleaning

ProSteamUK are one of the only specialist car interior cleaning and odour removal service in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area.

We can deep clean and sanitise everything from the roof lining down to the carpets. Using our disinfectant cleaning agent, along with the best tools available, we can produce excellent cleaning results to transform your car!

Our service includes everything from just the upholstery of your vehicle cleaned, to a full interior deep clean from top to bottom – you choose.

Welcome to our car interior cleaning page!

You are just a click away to discovering the very best car interior cleaning service covering parts of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

We are members of the CarCleanseUK™ network of car interior cleaning professionals who deal specifically with removing spillages, odours and deep cleansing of car and vehicle interiors and upholstery.

To assist you with your selection, we have prepared some information explaining our three car interior cleaning services.

Cleaning services include:

  • Dog smell removal
  • Spilt milk removed
  • Cigarette smoke removal
  • Bodily fluids removed
  • Food odours removed
  • Bacteria, virus and mould elimination
  • Fabrics deep cleaned / protected
  • Leather cleaned / protected
  • Leather repair service
  • Ozone treatment
CarCleanse UK - Car interior cleansing and odour removal specialists
Get your car interior properly cleaned with ProSteamUK specialist car interior cleansing

Vehicle upholstery cleaning

Fabrics and leather deep cleaning and protection.


Spillage & odour removal

Milk spillages, cigarette and pet odour removal.



Mould & bacterial removal.

Smoke & Nicotine removal – Transit Custom – cab deep clean – removing cigarette odour

Mould removal from car – Surrey – Hampshire – Berkshire.

Milk spillage removal – Aldershot

Spillage – VW Polo – creosote spillage and odour removal

So much more than a regular car interior cleaning

A standard car valeting service is usually considered perfectly acceptable for most people, and a superficial clean will look ok…

But… it will fail to fully, hygienically remove stubborn dirt, smoker’s tar, stains and kill bacteria from the car interior and upholstery which could be contributing to unpleasant, unwanted odours.

Car Interior Cleaning Specialists for over 20 years!


Add value to your vehicle

Our specialist car interior cleaning is very popular with those who have purchased a quality, second hand car and require all traces of the previous owner removed to ensure a clean, fresh, hygienically safe environment for you and your passengers.

This deep cleansing service is, therefore, also very useful for businesses who rely on keeping a clean, working vehicle on the road such as chauffeurs, taxis, limo hire and coaches.

We are a problem solving cleaning service not a regular car valet service!

View the before and after cleaning examples below to see what we mean.

front car seat fabric before cleaningcar seat fabric after cleaning

We can bring your leather sofa back to life!

Door panel before cleaning - Car interior cleaningDoor panel after cleaning - Car interior cleaning

Cleaning stains from fabric door trim before and after. Slide between the two photos.

car back seat fabric before cleaningcar back seat fabric after cleaning

Cleaning stains from fabric car seats before and after. Slide between the two photos.

Car Interior Cleaning in Guildford and Farnham

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Leather and Fabric upholstery cleaning

ProSteamUK use the same, multi-stage cleaning process when cleaning vehicle fabrics and leather, as we do in the home.

If we are dealing with a spillage click here

Cleaning leather vehicle upholstery

We can safely clean leather, removing dirt, body oils and light dye transfer from clothing, once clean we then apply a product that protects the leather against spillages, body contact and dye transfer.

Using premium leather cleaning products and equipment, we can achieve far better results compared to car washes, valet centres and even high end detailers.

Take a look at our leather cleaning and repair service for more details about cleaning leather upholstery.

Leather cleaning Farnham

Car upholstery cleaning Fleet

Cleaning fabric vehicle upholstery – Seats and carpets

Removal of dirt, sweat and light spillages will leave seat and carpet fabrics looking bright, feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Did you know, the first thing you see when you look inside a vehicle are the seats? If the rest of the interior is clean, you might just require the fabrics cleaned?

This service is very popular with customers who are selling a used vehicle.

Take a look at our fabric upholstery cleaning page for more details about cleaning fabric upholstery.

Spillage & odour removal

ProSteamUK are the only specialist car interior spillage and odour removal service in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area.

We have successfully removed other liquid spillages such as:

  • Urine
  • Vomit
  • Rain water
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Paint*
  • Oils**

* Paint can permanently stain fabrics and plastics, complete removal is not always possible.
** Complete removal of Oil & fuel spillages are never possible.

Only require the fabrics or leather cleaned? – click here

Milk and other liquid spillages

If your vehicle has suffered a liquid spillage such as milk, we have a proven method that removes the spillage, eliminating the milk smell permanently.

In most cases a liquid spillage will always settle at the lowest point of the vehicle, and therefore we must involve a qualified mechanic to remove seats, trim and carpet to allow us full access to the spillage.

This is the only option to successfully remove the milk smell from a car.

ProSteamUK can work with your local car dealership, or with a number of independent garages we can recommend.

Milk can permanently damage a vehicle if not removed quickly and correctly, and no amount of shampooing or using products to mask the odour will remedy the situation.

Please contact us for more information.

Milk spillage removal – Guildford

Read our blog post on how we SAVED this BMW here!

Smoke & pet odour removal

Cigarette and pet odours are guaranteed to depreciate the value of any vehicle unless dealt with quickly and correctly.

If you have purchased a quality used car that had previously been owned by a smoker, or it had carried pets there will no doubt be an odour issue.

ProSteamUK are members of the CarCleanseUK network, the only specialist car interior odour removal service in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area.

We locate the source of the odour and use specific products to eliminate that, rather than simply mask the odour using perfumes.

To either reduce or remove a smoke odour from a vehicle we have to completely deep clean the interior to remove as much of the source of the odour as possible.

We use products that are simply not available to people outside the CarCleanseUK network, allowing us to achieve excellent results.

The same process is used when removing a pet odour from a vehicle – regular shampooing simply will not solve the problem.

Smoke odour removal requires up to two days treatment in most cases.

Tar removal from headlining


ProSteamUK are members of the CarCleanseUK network, the only specialist car interior decontamination service in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire area.

If you have purchased a quality used car privately or from a dealership, you no doubt would have inherited the bacteria, odour and soils left by the previous owner.

High contact areas of the interior carry bacteria that can easily be transferred from person to person, we can perform a complete deep clean to cleanse all areas of the vehicle’s interior to remove traces of a previous owner.

Remember… just because a vehicle interior looks clean, doesn’t mean it is clean. When we sanitise the interior of a car, we clean everything from top to bottom!

  • Headlining fabric
  • Pillars and windows
  • Seatbelts
  • Boot area
  • Seating
  • Door panels
  • Windows
  • Dash, steering wheels and centre console
  • Carpets and mats
  • Ventilation & air conditioning

Car mould removal

Until recently it was difficult to find a mould removal service that dealt specifically with car interiors. A vehicle that has not been used for some time, or has suffered water ingress may be suffering from mould contamination.

In most cases poor ventilation may have contributed to the mould and bacteria forming and multiplying.

Exposure to mould spores can be very toxic to humans, this is NOT something that can be carried out unless the correct PPE, products and equipment are used.

In severe cases, a full interior deep cleanse will be required, followed by an application of a powerful biocide to kill the mould spores and bacteria.

If the vehicle has a structural fault that has allowed water into the cabin, this will require fixing before we can carry out any work. .

Mould removal – Farnborough

Full interior decontamination

Car Interior Cleaning in Guildford and Farnham

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What our customers say…

  • Proclean did an amazing job for us on a recently purchased second hand car. We bought unseen from Cinch and wanted to keep the car because it was sound. However it came with a major flaw; a terrible smell of dog. It was also pretty dirty … More inside with stained seats, traces of pet hair etc. Russ worked diligently on all areas of the car to remove every trace of pet hair and all the stains. Best of all was he completly removed the dog smell due to the ozone treatment. We aren't sure this would be possible but the outcome was perfect. He was also full of good advice about other actions we could take. I would 100% recommend him.
    Avatar ★★★★★ a month ago Mike Wright
  • Russ was fabulous, was very quick to respond and organise the work on my car that had a serious milk spillage. Great result and I would highly recomend.
    Avatar ★★★★★ 4 months ago Jane Ricks
  • After a local "cleaning service" left my car sopping wet and going mouldy, Russ saved the day and did a fantastic job too. My car looked grand new!
    Avatar ★★★★★ 11 months ago Debbi Hollis
  • Russ did a great job on my used car that had been badly abused by the previous owners. Heavy cigarette and wet dog odor dealt with. If I spill something on the carpet at home I know who I'm going to call.
    Avatar ★★★★★ a year ago Sean Langton
  • I bought a used car that had a mould problem throughout the interior as well as lots of dog hair even after I had attempted to clean it myself. Russ did a fantastic job at removing all the mould as well as clearing dog hair still remaining. … More He was very responsive and did a very thorough job very speedily. Looks fantastic now.
    Avatar ★★★★★ 2 years ago Sarah Gibbons
  • Russ was fantastic. Extremely professional, thorough and has a great attention to detail. Needed a small hatchback cleaning after a post-party incident in the back of the car. The car had initially had a clean somewhere else, but the odours … More and some staining still remained. Worried the smell and remnants will never come out.
    Phoned up Russ, very confident he can fix the problem. He immediately outlined what he planned to do. Saying that he needed to remove the seats, steam and chemical clean all upholstered surfaces.
    When dropping off the car, Russ shone a UV light on the affected area after in the 'incident'. We could immediately see what remained after the previous clean. We left it with Russ for two days and on return he shone the backlight throughout the car. It was spotless! You wouldn't be able to tell anything had happened in the car. I even put my nose up to the area affected and I couldn't smell anything.
    (Stones and dirt in the footwells is from when driving the car back. We picked it up and it was spotless).
    I can't recommend him enough. Russ will get you out of a pickle!
    Thanks a lot.
    Avatar ★★★★★ 2 years ago Noel Mahoney

Specialist car interior cleaning in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire


We cover Aldershot, Farnborough, Fleet, Ash, Farnham, Alton, Woking, Guildford, Godalming, Hindhead, Bordon, Camberley, Ascot, Chobham, Frimley, Haslemere, Sunningdale and the surrounding areas…

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    Car Interior Cleaning FAQs

    We've just purchased a used car. Can you clean the interior to make it safe for my kids?

    The eco-safe cleaning agent we use contains a powerful disinfectant which kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, mould and bacteria. Every part of the interior of the vehicle is “cleansed” using this product, leaving it hygienically clean and safe.

    Do you clean fabric and leather upholstery?

    Our cleaning agent disinfects and deodorises fabrics and we can also clean, deodorise and protect leather in the home or in the car.

    I spilt a pint of milk in the boot of my car and it now stinks, can you help?

    We specialise in removing liquid spillages, once the milk has been removed our cleaning agent goes to work on the cause of the odour.

    We need our car valeted, how much do you charge?

    We are not a car valet service, we are specialists in upholstery cleaning, spillage and odour removal and complete interior cleansing, and as such, charges vary. Please contact us for more details and an estimate.


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