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Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Guildford

(Last Updated On: 14th July 2020)

Did you know we also offer the areas best commercial carpet cleaning service?

Carpet cleaning in the work place is just as important as keeping the carpets clean in the home.



The below picture clearly shows how the carpets in a busy reception can get loaded with soil, if the office cleaners are not using the correct vacuum cleaners or indeed the correct technique to vacuum the carpets.

If the dirt is not released from the carpet there are several things which happen, firstly every time someone walks over the carpet it will release dry soil into the atmosphere and this decreases the air quality in the building.

Germs and viruses are also released into the air and breathed in, the flu virus can actually live within the carpet for weeks, even months.

Dry compacted soils can be very abrasive and this leads to the carpets wearing, especially in the high traffic areas.

Regular carpet cleaning intervals will ensure that your carpets have low soil content, also regular maintenance cleaning can deal with staining from hot drinks and food.

Your clients and staff will appreciate clean carpets and a healthy work environment

Our commercial carpet cleaning system will deep clean the carpets, removing dirt, stains and odours.

If you have never experienced the below results, maybe its time you call ProsteamUK?

We offer a FREE call out to inspect your commercial carpets plus we will demonstrate our cleaning system!



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