Hotel carpet cleaning – Guildford – stain removal

Stain removal from hotel carpet

(Last Updated On: 17th September 2018)

 Hotel carpet cleaning – how would you tackle a stain?

Hit it with a domestic floor steamer?
Nope… this will have little to no effect on the stain. In fact, the high heat from the steam could make it worse!

Use a Vax carpet washer?

Again no! A domestic carpet washer may work well at home cleaning up dirty paw prints and food spillages, but on a commercial-grade carpet we are going to require a bit more flushing power!

  1. Before
  2. After

So, here is the results after we used a proven method in stain removal, we then used our low moisture encapsulation machine to shampoo the carpet, restoring the colour.

Busy hotels and other commercial properties require specialist maintenance carpet cleaning to ensure their carpet remain clean and free of stains.

Hotel residents will appreciate clean stain free carpets, an unsightly stain in a corridor does not look good and reflects badly on the hotel.

In our experience the hotel’s in house cleaners really do not have the expertise to tackle stain removal, we find that in most cases DIY stain removal will make the situation worse!

So why take the gamble? surely it would be easier to contact ProsteamUK who will know exactly what to do! We are available 7 days a week and we also offer an emergency call out which covers stain removal, trauma cleaning (vomit, urine and blood etc)

We can also deodorise hotel rooms if a guest has been smoking in it!