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The Best Upholstery Cleaning Service Around

(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)

Upholstery Cleaning Uncovered!

Most carpet cleaning companies are not qualified to clean upholstery!

ProsteamUK operate in and around the Guildford area, we are based on the Hampshire / Surrey border and also service parts of Berkshire.

Believe it or not there are companies who operate within the above areas who clean carpets and claim to be qualified to clean upholstery. Unfortunately we hear from many customers who have used these companies and the stories we hear are not pretty!

One customer we spoke to used a local company who not only left her sofa soaking wet for DAYS, by the time it had dried the material had shrunk! 

Expensive,designer furniture is usually made from good quality fabric containing natural fibres. Even though the label clearly advised “dry clean only”, a carpet cleaner went ahead and wet cleaned a £4000 sofa!

Sadly after we had inspected the furniture we had to advise the customer to consult their insurance company as the sofa was so badly damaged.

Don’t go cheap!

So you are looking to get your suite cleaned?

You call up 4 local companies, how do you differentiate between them?

  • Price?
  • Service?
  • Availability?

If a company quotes £60 to clean a 3 piece suite and another estimates around £250 alarm bells should start to ring!

For a start any “professional” prepared to quote (a fixed price) without looking at the job first is either completely mad of completely desperate for the work, either way when they arrive to see your suite you can bet your bottom dollar they will have every intention to get the job done as quickly as possible!

Would you put your heart and soul into a job if you had accidentally undercharged over the phone?

Cheap fly by night operators are not interested in offering their customers a good service, why should they?

They usually have an excuse for poor service and they will use every excuse in the book rather than return to your home to put things right! meanwhile you sofa is taking days to dry out and is at risk of shrinking unless the operator returns to dry it!

Owner / operator carpet cleaners who claim to be able to book 6 or more jobs a day are usually charging very low prices and spending the least amount of time per job.


Don’t get ripped off… Call ProsteamUK

Have you watched the video?

You will see exactly how much time and preparation goes into cleaning upholstery, its our multi stage process which allows us to clean without over wetting. The upholstery featured in the video was left slightly damp once we had completed the job – a maximum of 2 to 3 hours drying time!

So if you are looking to get your upholstery cleaned, don’t be ruled by the price, with ProsteamUK you will most definitely get what you pay for!

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