Milk spillage nearly wrecks car

(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)

Milk spillage removal from a 2016 BMW

Insurance company were going to write off the car!

A car milk spillage of nearly four pints, leaked on the back seat of this 2016 BMW

Milk spillage treatment

BMW in the workshop

The most severe milk spillage we have ever seen!

After visited the local supermarket and loaded the shopping onto the back seats, the 4 pint jug of milk had a faulty cap and fell over.

Most of the contents of the milk jug spilt over the rear seats and saturated the area…. Within days the car had a terrible odour problem!

Milk spillage on sub flooring

Insurance company involved

When faced with a milk spillage as severe as this one, there really is no other option but to speak to your insurance company.

This BMW was filled with electronics and the milk could easily of made contact with expensive control modules!

The milk had actually leaked through the rear base seat and into the sub floor.

Milk spillage on fuel cap

The car was delivered to a specialist car body repair centre and part of the interior was stripped out by a qualified mechanic.

The seating had to be replaced as it was so heavily contaminated with the milk. The above picture shows how the milk managed to travel through a sealed service cover and onto the fuel tank situated beneath the rear seating.

Even the seat belt connectors located within the base seating were so heavily contaminated we had submerge them in our disinfecting product to kill the bacteria!

All the sub floor was carefully decontaminated using MicroCleanse and completely flushed to remove all traces of the milk spillage.

After several hours of treatment we could see a significant improvement and the smell of sour milk was definitely harder to detect.

The vehicle was left overnight for the treatment to work and the following day we used high concentrations of ozone to cleanse the cars air conditioning system and remove any lingering odour.

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