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(Last Updated On: 3rd August 2020)

Spillage nearly wrecks Range Rover

Rubbish spillage nearly wrecks Range rover

A spillage from rotting rubbish leaked into the vehicle carpets.

One of the worst spillages has got to be liquid from decomposing food and household waste.

The last place you would want this to happen is inside the car!

The customer had already used a local valet centre to remove the odour, however they were unable to fix the problem.

Car spillage

Expensive trip to the tip!

The rear of the car had to be almost completely stripped out to allow access to the sub flooring.
Seating , trim and carpet needed to be removed , most of the rear carpet was disposed of and replaced costing over £500!

Spillage on the flooring

Milk spillage on sub flooring

The smell was unbearable

The rubbish had been sat in the bin for nearly 2 weeks, rotting food, maggots and moisture had leaked from the bags.

Liquid will always find its way to the lowest point of the vehicle, passing straight through the carpets and settling on the metal sub floor.

Liquid spillage

Milk spillage on fuel cap

To remove the terrible odour, all areas of the vehicle that had made contact with the liquid had to be completely flushed and treated with MicroCleanse.

MicroCleanse kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

We used equipment to completely extract all traces of the liquid from the hard surfaces.

After several hours work the odour had been completely removed!


  • Spillages can actually devalue a vehicle, so it is very important to book a Car Cleanse UK operator rather than trying to fix the problem yourself.

    ProSteamUK are part of a national network who specialise in the removal of car spillages and odours.

    Simply complete the contact form or contact us direct on 01252 319391 if you live in the Guildford area.

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