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(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)

Customers amazed by the cleaning results!

Carpet cleaners in Farnborough…  are they all same? are you ready for a service that offers the customer so much more?

With so many cleaning businesses in Farnborough to choose from, it can be confusing selecting the right company to clean your carpets and upholstery.

With so many  to choose from it can be difficult differentiating between what looks like a good carpet cleaning company and a bad one.

The first question the customer should be asking is “how are you going to clean my carpets”?

This questions is more important than the price, because a good company will most certainly of invested in some serious equipment, training and products.


ProSteamUK will choose the correct carpet cleaner for the job in hand, certain carpets in particular environments may require a specific method.

Our primary cleaning method is hot water extraction, otherwise known as steam cleaning.

You have to look at carpet cleaning similar to washing your own hair, and that is why we will never use detergents in the rinse water.

Rinsing with detergents will leave a certain amount of reside in the carpet and this will lead to re soiling issues

You wouldn’t dream of rinsing soap from your hair with soapy water?!

Carpet cleaning & carpet cleaners
ProSteamUK offer domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in and around Farnborough.

The above picture shows a typical office carpet, the carpet was cleaned and the colour difference is quite remarkable!

Carpets in the workplace must be well maintained to ensure a healthy environment, all types of nasty things get trapped into a carpet.

Therefore the carpets in the workplace must be deep cleaned at least every 12 months

  • carpet cleaners

    Dirty office carpet

  • carpet cleaning farnborough

    Extracting all the dirt and spillages

The above video features our commercial carpet cleaning system.

Soil and stains are quickly removed, leaving the carpet clean and ready to use in less than 1 hour!

This video demonstrates how hot water extraction cleaning works best  on a domestic carpet that was cleaned by a cowboy firm before we arrived.

Cheap carpet cleaning is cheap for a reason, sadly they are ripping people off and getting away with it!

The advantages of using a professional rather than hiring a machine.

ProSteamUK take the headache out of carpet cleaning!

Don’t think for a minute that cleaning carpets is easy, it take years of experience to become a confident carpet cleaner and with the best equipment available, if you haven’t got a clue what to do with it… well its useless!

When we arrive to clean your carpets, we first of all make a thorough inspection, checking for spots and stains (including pet accidents)

Our multi-stage cleaning process will ensure as much soil as possible is recovered from the carpet!

Are you ready to experience the best carpet cleaning service?

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