Hard floor cleaning – restoration – Guildford

(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)
  • Revealing a beautiful floor

    Hard floor cleaning and restoration starts with a visit to assess the floor.

    We then clean a section of the flooring to establish the correct methods, and products required.

    A detailed estimate is then provided to the customer.

    Striping and cleaning

    Hard floor cleaning requires many hours of preparation to protect the surrounding kitchen units and appliances.

    Powerful strippers are applied to the surface of the terracotta to melt the existing sealant from the stone floor.

    Over time the existing sealant has captured the dirt and grease.

    Stone floor cleaning  therefore requires specialist machinery

    This process is usually repeated several times in order to remove all the previous sealant,

    Therefore, several days are required for stripping.


    The terracotta  stone floor is now stripped and cleaned, time to dry it.

    Powerful fans distribute warm air across the floor for up to several days to ensure the stone floor dries evenly.

    We then return and measure the moisture levels across the stone floor.

    Once satisfied the moisture levels have been reduced, it’s now time to seal and dress the floor.

    Sealing and dressing

    Hard flooring such as terracotta will require sealing

    A sealer impregnates the stone and the mortar to help repel liquid spillages.

    The sealer will not enhance the appearance of the flooring, the customer can then choose a topical dressing.

    A topical dressing applied to the surface of the flooring really enhances the colour and adds a satin sheen.

  • Terracotta floor cleaning demo
    Hard floor cleaning
    Stripping terracotta
    Terracotta cleaned

    Moisture testing
    Floor sealing

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