Vacuum cleaner – choosing the right model

(Last Updated On: 13th July 2020)

Regular vacuuming is essential and often overlooked!

Is your vacuum cleaner up to the job?

The carpet is a hiding place for dirt, dust, pollen, hair and bacteria, its a giant filter that traps airborne contaminants.

Your home may appear to look clean, however the carpet is harbouring all of the above!

So it is very important to vacuum regularly and correctly!

Which variety is right for you?

There are two types to choose from, upright vacuum cleaners and cylinder cleaners.

We have found that a good quality upright model will remove more dust and dirt from the carpet compared to a cylinder.

The upright model will have a spinning brush that reaches into the carpet pile and lifts the particles to the surface. Most cylinder vacuum cleaners will not have this feature and will only remove surface debris.

  • vacuum cleaners vacuuming

  • vacuum cleaners vacuuming

The right vacuum cleaner for the job

For carpets we recommend an upright vacuum cleaner with a powered brush head. The mechanical brush helps to lift the carpet pile and release deep down soil and other debris.

Carpet vacuumed

The above picture features a corridor carpet in a busy hotel, let’s take a closer look…

Vacuum cleaning carpets

With a quality upright vacuum cleaner it was possible to enhance the appearance of this section of corridor. The colour of the carpet looks different once the dust and soil had been removed!

A cylinder vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning hard floors such as vinyl or stone.

We also use this type of vacuum cleaner on furniture, stairs and vehicles, some cylinder models are supplied with a selection of accessories and attachments such as nozzles and brushes.

Amtico floor cleaning - vacuuming

Preparing the floor with a good vacuum

Clean carpets and air quality

Regular vacuuming prevents the buildup of dirt and dust forming in your carpets. It will also help to improve the air quality in the home.

The above picture illustrates exactly how much dry soil and dust can be removed from just a few square metres of carpet. Regular vacuuming can also reduce the irritation associated with dust allergies.

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